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Air Intake

Clean air is just as important for your Polaris General as fuel. It is a crucial component in a combustion engine. But how do you guarantee your Polaris General engine gets an ample amount of clean air? The Polaris General air intake is tasked with bringing clean air to your engine. You need to ensure that your Polaris General air intake is functioning and has the best possible parts to get the job done. 

At Everything Polaris General, you'll find everything you need to repair, upgrade or relocate your Polaris General air intake. We have Polaris General air intake filters, relocation kits, particle separators, and many more.

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Your Polaris General air intake is the lungs of the machine. It brings in air from outside, filters it, and feeds it to the engine. Without a functioning Polaris General air intake, your machine will cease to function. In the same manner, a Polaris General air intake upgrade will allow it to perform better. 

With an aftermarket, Polaris General air intake like the one on Everything Polaris General, your engine will get enough air to burn fuel. When fuel is burnt efficiently, you'll see an upgrade in horsepower, acceleration, torque, and top speed. You'll also get better fuel economy. Though you'd be spending money on a Polaris General air intake now, you'd save a lot in the future. We have Polaris General air intake filters that last longer and are reusable.

Sometimes a Polaris General upgrade wouldn't suffice. If you are driving through mud and water, you could end up blocking your air intake. Without air coming in, your engine will die. You could get stuck in a mud bog or as you are crossing through a stream or a puddle of water. In this case, you'd have to get a Polaris General air intake relocation kit and elevate the position of the air intake so it doesn't get submerged.

Polaris General particle separators will also come in handy if you are riding on dusty or sandy terrain. If your air intake brings in a lot of large particles, you can end up ripping through your filters and damaging your engine.

At Everything Polaris General, we have everything related to your Polaris General air intake. Be it an air filter or an air intake relocation kit, we have them all. Plus we endorse some of the top brands like K&N, Moose, Dragonfire Racing, and Starting Line Products.