Ball Joints

Just like any other automobile, even your Polaris General ball joints will eventually fail. Actually, your Polaris General ball joints fail much more quickly than other domestic vehicles. This comes down to how a side-by-side is used. Whether you use your Polaris General for work or play, your ball joints go through a lot of stress. This results in accelerated wear.

At Everything Polaris General, you'll find everything you need to get your Polaris General ball joint replaced and get back on the road. You can get a ball joint removal tool to get it out, a replacement ball joint, and lubrication to get your rig back on track.

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How long do ball joints last? On a domestic vehicle, it can last upwards of 70,000 miles easily. On the other hand, your stock Polaris General ball joint can give out in less than 500 miles. It primarily depends on how you ride it. The more you pressure your machine to carry weight or the more you push it to get through the obstacle in front of you, the sooner your ball joint wears off. Even if you don't push your UTV at all, it is rare that your ball joints would make it past 6000 miles. 

When your Polaris General ball joint fails, you have two options. Go back to your OEM ball joint and get ready to replace it in a few more miles. Or you can get yourself heavy-duty Polaris General ball joints from Everything Polaris General. 

 At Everything Polaris General, we have aftermarket ball joints that are way more strong than your OEM ball joints. They can withstand twice the pressure your OEM ball joints can withstand if not more.

 Replacing ball joints is not easy work. And, you probably don't want to be doing it frequently. If you are someone who pushes your Polaris General, you'd have to replace ball joints every few months if you stick to OEM ball joints.

 There are countless manufacturers who produce UTV ball joints out there. And no doubt, they all claim that they are the best. So, who do you trust? You trust us, we've done the research, we've tried and tested these ball joints, and filtered the best from the rest. Ultimately we have brought you durable, reliable Polaris General ball joints from manufacturers like Moose, All Balls Racing, High Lifter, Demon Powersports, and a few other trusted brands.


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