Batteries and Chargers

Ever been stranded due to a dead battery? Is your battery dying frequently? Try upgrading your Polaris General battery. This is the best way to keep your battery from dying. If you are not planning on upgrading your Polaris General battery, at least get a Polaris General battery charger to revive your battery when it dies.

Whether you are looking to increase the Polaris General battery size or get a dual battery setup, we can help you with that. You'll find everything you need to upgrade your Polaris General battery situation at Everything Polaris General. And you can also get Polaris General battery chargers so you don't need to depend on anyone to get your rig running again.

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Your stock battery is only capable of powering your stock electronics. The moment you add aftermarket electrical accessories that draw power from your stock battery, you'll be draining it. Replacing your Polaris General battery is not a permanent solution. If it’s a problem with the battery, that might work. But if your battery is failing because you are overloading it, replacement is not a solution.

 So does this mean you can't customize your Polaris General? Where there is a problem, there is a solution and we have brought a solution for your Polaris General battery problems. 

 You can try to go with a bogger Polaris General battery. The bigger the battery the more juice it stores. This should give you adequate power for your aftermarket electronics without dying.

 But we recommend that you go with a dual battery setup for your rig. You can use one battery for your vitals which keeps your rig running. For all your aftermarket accessories, you can use your other battery. With this, you can power your stereo, light bar, communications, heater, and other accessories. Since your vitals won't depend on this battery, you don't need to worry about overloading it.

 Along with a Polaris General battery upgrade, it is safe to own a battery charger. With this, you don't have to fear being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a dead battery.

 At Everything Polaris General, you'll find everything related to your machine's battery. Along with Polaris General battery upgrades, replacements, and Polaris General battery chargers, we also have cables, protection, and other accessories.