Cab Enclosures

Want your Polaris General to be just as comfortable as your car? Then the first upgrade you need to get is Polaris General cab enclosures. Protect yourself and your cabin from the elements. You no longer have to be drenched or covered in mud and dirt when you reach home.

At Everything Polaris General, we have all the Polaris General body panels you need to completely seal off your cabin. Whether you are looking for complete doors, windows, windshield, a roof, or any other Polaris General cab enclosures, you can find them here. You can get either soft or hard cab enclosures. Along with cab enclosures, we also have other accessories to get your interior cozy.

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Attaching Polaris General cab enclosures will completely change the way you look at your UTV. It will turn into a rig that is more comfortable and rideable through any terrain whatever the weather conditions are. 

 One of the main advantages of getting Polaris General cab enclosures is the ability to ride your Polaris General in any type of weather. You can stay sheltered inside your cabin whether it is raining or snowing. Or you can keep the stinging rays of the mid-day sun on a hot summer day off your head. With some aftermarket accessories to make your interior cozy, you can trap the hot or cold air within the cabin.

 It also protects your Polaris General interior. Direct sunlight or rain can damage your interior and your electronics. With Polaris General cab enclosures, your interior will be sheltered behind them. Similarly, they also keep the terrain out of your interior. Aren't you tired of shoveling dirt and cleaning the mud off your interior after a day on the trail? With Polaris General cab enclosures, you won't drag in any dirt or debris no matter the terrain you drive in.

 Polaris General cab enclosures also offer protection. They can keep the bugs off your teeth when you are offroading.

 At Everything Polaris General, you can get a complete seal on your Polaris General. To add more comfort to your ride, we also have heaters, air conditioners, and other accessories. We also have cab enclosures with different paint jobs so that you can improve your machine's aesthetics as well.