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Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your Polaris General clean is a crucial part of maintenance. If you spend a day on the trail, you will have to spend at least an hour cleaning your rig inside and out. With Polaris General cleaning supplies, you can reduce the time it takes to clean your rig and ensure that you do a good job with the cleaning at the same time.

At Everything Polaris General, we have compiled a set of Polaris General cleaning supplies to keep your rig sparkling clean inside and out. We have windshield cleaners, cleaning solutions, foam guns, detailers, wash mittens, scrub brushes, and many more.

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Cleaning your rig at the end of the day goes far beyond visual appeal. It will extend the life span of your Polaris General and ensure that your rig runs as smoothly as possible. You will get a UTV that lasts longer and performs better by diligently cleaning your rig.

So, how does keeping your Polaris General guarantee a longer lifespan? Your UTV paint job is a layer of protection above your body. When impurities like mud, dirt, and grime stay stuck on your paint for long periods, they will start to damage your paint job. Not only will it look ugly, but it will also expose your body to the elements. After that, it is only a matter of time before your body rust and erodes away.

It is not only the body that is affected by dirt. Even other parts of your UTV can get damaged if it's caked in dirt. For example, if your Polaris General radiator is covered in mud after your adventure, the next time you take your Polaris General for a spin, your engine will overheat. Similarly, if particles find their way where metal parts rub against each other, it will result in accelerated wear. So, make sure to get the dirt out of those hard-to-get places.

You can’t forget about appearance as well. Even if you procrastinate cleaning your General for even a day, it will end up leaving stains. Especially in your interior. 

Though it might not be the most interesting way to spend time with your Polaris General, cleaning it after a day of riding is a crucial aspect of maintenance. With our Polaris General cleaning supplies, you can get the job done effectively and efficiently. At Everything Polaris General, we not only have Polaris General cleaning products for your interior and exterior, but we also have products to keep your vital parts clean. Whether you are tasked with Polaris General radiator cleaning, Polaris General carburetor cleaning, Polaris General clutch cleaning, or any other hard-to-clean chores, we got the right Polaris General cleaning supplies to make your life easier.