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Clutches and Clutch Kits

Are you experiencing trouble with your Polaris General clutch? Rough driving conditions such as offroading or hauling weight can significantly reduce your clutches’ lifespan. Since the Polaris General clutch regularly endures such driving conditions, it is no wonder that you are having Polaris General clutch problems.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your Polaris General clutch, you are in good hands with Everything Polaris General. We have Polaris General secondary clutches, Polaris General primary clutches, Polaris General clutch kits, and all the tools you need to set up your new Polaris General clutch. By upgrading your clutch to suit a specific terrain, you can easily upgrade the performance of your rig.

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The reason why parts of your Polaris General clutch wear out prematurely or why you are ripping through clutch belts is because of the load you put on your rig. The stock Polaris General clutch can be used for a variety of terrain, but it is not the best at either. So, when you push your clutch to its maximum when offroading or pulling weight, your clutch gives out.

So what is the solution for this? If you are not planning on sticking to dirt roads, riding around your farm, and not doing any hard work with your Polaris General, you do not need an upgrade. But if you max out your payload capacity or go offroading on sand dunes and through mud bogs, your best option is to get your Polaris General clutch upgraded. 

Some upgrades can also cause your clutch to give out prematurely. For example, if you are running bigger tires, or snow tracks, more torque will have to reach your wheel. Your stock Polaris General clutch is not capable of handling your upgrades. In this case, you should get your clutch upgraded.

Even if you are not planning on getting your Polaris General clutch upgraded, at least make sure to keep it in working condition. There are many symptoms that indicate clutch failure. Overheating, slipping clutch, stiff clutch and trouble shifting gears are a few indicators that your clutch is failing. 

You can get all the necessary parts to repair your Polaris General clutch or you can replace your clutch entirely with the help of Everything Polaris General. Along with clutch components and upgrades, we also have Polaris General clutch tools you need to get the job done.