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ECU Tuners

Want to get your Polaris General to perform better but not willing to spend thousands of dollars and days modifying your rig? A Polaris General ECU tuner is the right solution for you. Whether you are looking for that extra oomph or better fuel efficiency, a Polaris General ECU tuner can get you there.

If you don't know exactly how to tune your ECU, do not worry. At Everything Polaris General, we have preprogrammed Polaris General ECU tuners that only require you to plug them in. On the other hand, if you want to do your tuning on your own, we have Polaris General ECU tuners that give you full control.

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As UTVs modernize, we are seeing more and more electrical accessories in control. Most of these functions are monitored by the Polaris General ECU which collects data from numerous sensors spread throughout the Polaris General.  

 The Polaris General ECU is in control of air-to-fuel ratio, throttle response, torque curves, horsepower, and a few more features. With a Polaris General ECU tuner, you can harness the maximum potential of your engine. With the right balance, you'll get an improvement in performance and fuel economy.

 A lot of things go into Polaris General ECU tuning. You can add a performance chip to your ECU, modify its code, or intercept signals received from sensors to harvest the benefits. But beware, though you can get numerous benefits from an ECU tuning that is done right, if it’s done wrong, the consequences could be disastrous.

 This is why at Everything Polaris General, we have pre-programmed Polaris General ECU tuners. These have pre-set programs that can easily be installed on your Polaris General. All you have to do is plug it in.

 If you have the knowledge and experience tuning your rig, you don't need to depend on pre-set programs. For that, we have Polaris General ECU tuners that allow you to change the configuration yourself.

 ECU tuners are the easiest way to upgrade your performance and fuel economy. Unlike many other performance upgrades, you don't have to dump thousands of dollars into this. Even if you do get a performance upgrade by adding aftermarket parts, you won't be able to reap the rewards without a Polaris General ECU tuning. You need to tune your rig to work with the upgrades.