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Engine Performance

Who doesn't want to get power out of their Polaris General? If you are like many other Polaris General owners, you are a power junkie. Whether you need more power or not, you are willing to do whatever it takes to improve your Polaris General engine performance.

At Everything Polaris General, we are here to help you on your quest to get a better Polaris General engine performance. We got everything from air filters, exhaust upgrades, cold air intake systems, and ECU tuners all the way up to major engine upgrades like big bore kits, engine performance packages, turbos, and superchargers.

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Increasing your Polaris General engine performance is not only about going faster or producing more power, it also protects your engine. When your engine is capable of producing more power, it doesn't need to work as hard. Whether you use your Polaris General for hauling cargo or riding through sand and mud, you'll constantly be stressing your engine. This will reduce the life span of your Polaris General engine. By increasing its performance, your engine will be able to get the job done smoothly without suffering any damage.

 Upgrading your Polaris General performance is simple. Basically, you need to bring in more air and supply more fuel and you've got a bigger boom. 

 The simplest way of upgrading your Polaris General engine performance is to tune your ECU. This will allow you to harness the most out of your engine.

 The next thing to think about is the air intake. You need more oxygen if you are going to burn more fuel. So, upgrading your cold air intake is a good place to start. Even upgrading your air filter will give you a Polaris General engine performance upgrade. 

 Upgrading your exhaust and clutch is another way to get more engine performance. Though they don't directly meddle with the engine, you'll get more horsepower at the wheels.

 If you want your Polaris General to produce more power than your car, you'll need some major Polaris General engine performance upgrades. Airfilters and ECU tuners won’t support your cause. For this, we have big bore kits and turbos, and superchargers. These will give a massive performance gain of more than 50%. 

 Whatever method you use to upgrade your Polaris General engine performance, we are here to help. Get the best engine performance upgrades from the most reputable manufacturers at Everything Polaris General.