Fender Flares and Protection

Fender flares are more than an aesthetic add-on for your rig. They also protect your body and tires and make your life much easier when you decide to clean your UTV after a day of riding. But ultimately, one of the main reasons to get Polaris General fender flares is to make your UTV look good. 

At Everything Polaris General, you’ll find Polaris General fender flares of all styles, colors, and textures to fit the contours of your Polaris General and give the look you are after. Depending on your needs, you can choose how much they need to extend out of your body for protection and to keep your UTV clean.

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Polaris General fender flares are basically an extension of your UTV. They are a pretty useful feature to have, whether you are offroading or working. They serve a much greater purpose than looks.

 The primary reason to get Polaris General fender flares is for protection. If you use your Polaris General for offroading a lot, you know how mud, rocks, sticks, and other debris get stuck between the treads of your tire. And the moment they dislodge, they'll be flung out. The chances of damaging your Polaris General might be slim, but you could damage a ride behind you or hurt a bystander.

 It can also protect your rig, especially if you are riding through tight woody trails. You don't want to hit the side walls of your tire or scrape them across a rock wall. By adding Polaris General fenders to cover the sides of your tires, you can end up protecting them.

 You can't forget about how they make cleaning easier. If you ride through muddy trails, or just ride around your farm on a rainy day, you know how the sides of your UTV will be coated in mud and dirt. The Polaris General fenders catch whatever is sprayed back towards your Polaris General making it easy to clean after a day on your Polaris General.

 Looks are subjective, so we have put forth a plethora of designs to choose from. Whether you want your Polaris General fenders to extend an inch out of your sides or four, we have Polaris General fender flares of all sizes, colors, textures, and shapes at Everything Polaris General.