Hand Controls

For a long time, hand controls were limited to domestic vehicles. But why miss out on the fun when you can hook up your Polaris General with hand controls? With this, you’ll have full control over your rig and will be able to ride just as well as the next person.

Polaris General hand controls come in a variety of different styles. Though you might be used to driving with the push and pull style hand controls, we also have other designs like push/right angle style, push/rock style, and a few more. Get the Polaris General hand controls that suit you most at Everything Polaris General.


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Polaris General hand controls allow people with physical disabilities to take on challenging terrain using alternative methods. Though getting hand controls in a UTV is not as straightforward as getting hand controls on a car, it is still possible. 

One of the leading manufacturers of Polaris General hand controls is Sure Grip. They produce hand controls specifically for smaller offroading vehicles like the Polaris General. 

Though there are many different styles of hand controls, we recommend that you go with the push/rock style hand controls. In this, when the driver pushes the handle forward, the brakes are applied and when it is rocked backward, the side-by-side will accelerate. In this type of Polaris General hand control, the control handle is in a vertical position making it easy to access.

One of the main reasons to choose this style when offroading is because it allows the user to keep both hands on the wheel when riding. It offers an excellent pedal feel, and the ability to gas and brake at the same time makes it ideal for offroading. With both hands on the wheel, you can expertly navigate through rugged terrain without issues.

Though we can get other types of Polaris General hand controls hooked to your rig, we recommend that you go with the push/rock style. Unlike paved roads, a ride on the trails can get bumpy, so you need to adapt accordingly. The push/rock style will give you ample control when offroading and it is easier to install on your rig. And if you are not using hand controls, you can remove them and drive normally.

At Everything Polaris General, we offer tried and tested hand controls that are 100% safe to operate. Along with hand controls, we also have accessories like gloves to make your ride more comfortable.