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Harnesses and Safety

Are tired of being thrown around your UTV when offroading? The bump and potholes on the trail are sure to leave your body bruised and battered. You can easily avoid this by upgrading your stock seat belts by getting some Polaris General harnesses. These should keep you rooted to your seats even if the trail gets rough.

At Everything Polaris General, we have a variety of different Polaris General harnesses. You can choose between a four-point or a five-point harness. You can also choose the color you want to go with the theme of your interior. Along with different Polaris General harnesses, we also have accessories like harness anchors and spring clips. 

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Offroading can get unpredictable. No matter how good you are, you could be in a crash due to factors beyond your control. Rather than rolling the dice every time you ride out on your Polaris General, why not upgrade to a Polaris General harness from Everything Polaris General? You can turn a potential disaster into just another close call. Even in the case of a rollover, you’ll be firmly attached to your seat with a Polaris General 5-point harness. Even if you are stuck inverted, you will be firmly stuck to your seat.

Moving to a Polaris General harness from your stock seat belts is a major leap safety-wise. You don't need to necessarily be in a UTV crash to reap the benefits from your all-new Polaris General harnesses. It will also greatly change the comfort of your ride.

At Everything Polaris General, we have Polaris General harnesses that are available in both two and three-inch webbing. Plus, the insides of these straps are heavily padded to keep you cushioned even when you are being thrown around. With wide straps, you won’t have to suffer due to pressure points on your body as you do with your stock seat belts.

Last but not least, our Polaris General harnesses are also a style statement. We have a variety of colors for you to choose from so that they match your interior. They also give a truly sports look to your Polaris General. 

We endorse some of the leading brands in the industry. Dragonfire Racing, Pro Armor,  Aces Racing, and Trinity Racing are a few brands that you’ll find at Everything Polaris General.