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Heat Shields

Many automobiles that you come across use heat shields in one way or the other. But heat shields are far more important in your Polaris General. Ever noticed how your exhaust tip glows in a subtle red hue? Chances are that other components of your engine and exhaust are also sharing the same heat.

Though the steel in your exhaust and engine can handle the heat, your skin can’t. The best way to defend yourself and the body of your UTV is by putting up Polaris General heat shields. At Everything Polaris General, you’ll find Polaris General engine heat shields, Polaris General under-seat heat shields, Polaris General foot heat shields, exhaust wraps, and many more. 

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Even when your engine is working at its optimum temperature, it’ll reach temperatures of around 220F. This temperature is conducted through your engine and exhaust. Your skin can get burnt by anything above 110F, and 220F can easily singe your skin. If the Polaris General body, which comprises plastic components is continuously exposed to this kind of heat, it will melt. So, it is vital to contain the heat produced by the combustion engine.

This is where Polaris General heat shields come in. They are made of material that conducts very little heat. They can deflect convectional currents of heat. And they are reflective in nature which allows them to deal with heat transmitted through radiation. Thus , Polaris General heat shields are effective against all manner of heat propagation making them ideal to contain heat. 

In a UTV, the engine is right under your seat. When the engine starts running, a lot of that heat transfers into your cabin. Imagine this happening on a hot summer day when the sun is beaming down on you. Your engine will cook you from below and the heat of the sun will be on you from above. It’ll be like sitting inside an oven. 

By adding Polaris General under-seat heat shields and Polaris General foot-saver heat shields, you can reduce the heat that comes in from the engine. Similarly, you can wrap your exhaust so that you don’t get burnt by accidental contact.

Rigging your Polaris General with heat shields is not that hard. At Everything Polaris General we have heatshields to deflect any heat that enters your cabin. Similarly, we also have heat shields to protect your body and wiring. Get the best Polaris General heat shields from leading brands at Everything Polaris General.