Hitches and Frame Support

If your rig doesn’t have a Polaris General hitch attached to it already, you should consider getting one. Attaching a Polaris General hitch to your UTV vastly improves its capabilities. You can use it to attach small trailers as well as other farming implements and tools to get your work done efficiently.

If you don’t like to use your side-by-side for towing but still want to be able to transport more goods or carry cargo, you should get Polaris General frame supports. They strengthen your frame improving your payload capacity. You’ll find the best Polaris General frame support and Polaris General hitches down below.

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The Polaris General is the ultimate workhorse. But what if it can be upgraded to do much more? You already dump a small fortune into purchasing a Polaris General and it’ll be a shame if you let it go without understanding its full potential. If you use your Polaris General on your work site, it is probably being used to transport cargo. This is where Polaris General hitches and frame supports come to play. 

The Polaris General has a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. But to use it, you are going to need a dependable Polaris General hitch. With this, you can attach a trailer behind you and use its towing capacity. Even if you do not use it to drag a trailer, there is an assortment of tools out there that require a hitch to be installed. One of those tools is the hitch-mounted basket. If you don’t want to drag a trailer with your Polaris Generl, you can attach a basket to your hitch and carry cargo using that.

That is not the only option if you don’t like towing stuff. By adding Polaris General frame supports, you can increase your payload capacity. The Polaris General already has an impressive payload capacity of over 1000 pounds, and with frame supports you can increase that even more.

You don’t need to haul cargo to benefit from frame supports. Even if you use your General for offroading, you’ll be able to benefit from Polaris General frame supports. They’ll allow you to absorb more impact, so you don’t have to worry about your frame holding up to your mad driving skills.

Whether you are looking for Polaris General hitches or Polaris General frame supports, you’ll find a wide array of items at Everything Polaris General.