Long Travel Kits


The Polaris General is definitely an offroading rig. But when it comes to offroading, there are many different disciplines. From mud bogging, rock crawling, and racing, to riding through trails, offroading will vary from person to person. Upgrading your suspension allows you to customize your rig the way you want. A Polaris General long travel kit might be perfect for you depending on the type of offroading you do. 

First, who needs a Polaris General long travel kit? Due to the multiple benefits offered by a Polaris General long travel kit, almost everyone who uses a Polaris General stands to benefit from a Polaris Generla long travel kit. 

A Polaris General long travel kit is basically a suspension kit that widens the stance of your UTV. With the right set, you can increase the width of your UTV by over 12 inches. The suspension upgrade is much better at absorbing bumps and potholes that you encounter when offroading making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. The wider stance also makes you Polaris General more stable reducing the chances of a rollover. So, you can corner at high speeds and have more thrilling ride without worrying about tipping your UTV over. Finally, since your wheels are further away from ride, you’d now have more room to squeeze in those oversized tires.

You can’t forget about the enhanced looks either. A Polaris General long travel kit will give your rig a wider aggressive stance. It is sure to turn a few heads as you ride about. If you want to reep the benefits of a Polaris General long travel kit, Everything Polaris General is the place to be. Be it a Polaris General long travel kit from HCR Racing, High Lifter, SuperATV or any other top players in the industry, we can hook you up.