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Overlanding and Camping

Your Polaris General is the perfect UTV for any overlanding or camping adventure. It’s well capable of offroading and its ability to haul a ton of cargo comes in handy as well. But to make any overlanding or camping journey successful, you need to have the right Polaris General overlanding or Polaris General camping gear.

The good news is that you can get all the Polaris General camping gear you need at the one-stop shop known as Everything Polaris General.  We’ve got everything from tents, GPS units, fuel packs, coolers, fire pits, campsite lighting, and many more accessories that you’ll find useful in your Polaris General overlanding or camping adventure.

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Planning on going on a Polaris General camping trip this weekend? Or maybe, you are planning to spend a month riding cross country in a Polaris General overlanding expedition? Either way, you need to be well-equipped for the road. If you are looking for supplies or gear, you’ve stumbled onto a gold mine. 

One of the great things about spending a few days with your General is its carry capacity. You can easily carry food, water, and other camping gear to last you weeks. But if you are on the hunt for more room in your UTV, or looking to use what you have more efficiently, we have the right items for you. We have racks, coolers, boxes, and packs that’ll allow you to carry more gear and utilize the available space in your Polaris General more effectively. 

Before you think about upgrading your carry capacity, you need to decide what you’ll be carrying. This varies from person to person. Some will only carry the necessities while others need more luxury even when they are out in the wilderness. Either way, we can hook you up with what you need. But the basics that you need to carry in any Polaris General overlanding or camping adventure don’t change. You always need to carry food, water, fuel, navigation equipment, and shelter with you. This will of course depend on the number of days you plan to spend away, but make sure to carry enough resources. 

At Everything Polaris General, we have compiled everything you need on your Polaris General overlanding or camping adventure. From the basics like fuel packs and navigation to things like fire pits and cameras to document your trip, we have them all.