Prop Shafts

The prop shaft, also known as the drive shaft, is responsible for transferring the torque produced by the engine through the transmission and onto the wheels. Rough driving conditions, excessive vibration and corrosion can all cause your Polaris General prop shaft to fail. So, losing your Polaris General drive shaft is common after a bunch of trips through the trail.

If you lose your Polaris General prop shaft, your ride will be immobilized. We recommend that you replace your Polaris General prop shaft with a stronger, more durable aftermarket prop shaft at Everything Polaris General. Along with Polaris General prop shafts, we also have Polaris General prop shaft roll pin, Polaris General prop shaft u joint, and Polaris General prop shaft bearings.

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The Polaris General prop shaft is an integral part of its drivetrain and is prone to fail sooner or later. On a domestic vehicle, your drive shaft could last around 75,000 miles. But due to the rough conditions, your Polaris General drive shaft will only last a fraction of that mileage.


If you want your Polaris General drive shaft to last longer, you should consider replacing it. Unlike your stock, Polaris General drive shaft, at Everything Polaris General we have stronger, lighter aftermarket replacements that last longer and performs better. Not many UTV owners think about replacing their drive shafts for increased performance. But, attaching a lighter Polaris General drive shaft for your vehicle will undoubtedly upgrade its performance. 


At Everything Polaris General, we have both steel and aluminium Polaris General drive shafts. You should go with the steel version if you want strength and durability. But if fuel economy is just as important for you, give the aluminium Polaris General prop shaft a try. It is still stronger than your stock drive shaft, and the lightweight will increase fuel economy. 


Your low-quality stock drive shaft could also cause excessive vibrations in your UTV. The Polaris General drive shaft is the main suspect if your rig vibrates when accelerating. Switching to an aftermarket Polaris General drive shaft should solve your problem. 


At Everything Polaris General, we have hand-picked some of the most reliable and durable Polaris General drive shafts in the market. They are more than capable of handling your style of rough riding. Thus, we’ve picked manufacturers like SuperATV, Rugged ATV Parts and All Balls Racing to ensure you don’t suffer from a failed Polaris General drive shaft again.