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Is your Polaris General overheating when riding around on a hot summer day? This means that your Polaris General radiator is not functioning as it should. Or maybe the location of your Polaris General radiator is the problem? If your Polaris General radiator gets easily covered in mud or does not get enough airflow, you need to relocate it.

Whatever your Polaris General radiator-related problems are, we are here to help. We’ve got a Polaris General Radiator cap, Polaris General Radiator drain plug, Polaris General Radiator cover, radiator relocation kits, and many more. And if you want to replace your entire radiator, we also have Polaris General radiator kits!

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The Polaris General engine can produce massive amounts of power. But it also produces a lot of heat. Your Polaris General radiator is the only component that helps you keep the engine temperature under control.


Often, an engine overheats on a UTV due to a clogged radiator. If you’ve been riding through mud or forgot to clean your radiator after your last offroading trip, your radiator might be clogged. Without adequate airflow, it cannot function, so this might cause your engine to overheat. If you regularly ride through mud or your radiator gets clogged frequently, you can try relocating it. 


Sometimes the problem is with your Polaris General radiator itself and not with the terrain you ride on. Usually, it's the Polaris General radiator fan that gives out first. You rarely get to speed on your UTV, so your radiator fan is constantly working to generate the necessary airflow. Similarly, other components in your radiator could also fail.


If components of your Polaris General radiator fail, you have two options. You can try to pinpoint the exact component that has failed and replace it, or you can get a Polaris General radiator replacement kit. Either way, you can find what you need at Everything Polaris General. If your radiator is often overheating, clogging, or leaking, sometimes replacing them is the only option.


Our aftermarket Polaris General radiators are much more effective than your stock Polaris General radiator. They are made of better, stronger materials, resulting in a longer life span. And they are also much more effective at cooling.