Radius Arms

Did you snap or bend your Polaris General radius arms trying to push your rig out on the trail? Do not revolt back to the OEM radius arms that failed you in the first place. At Everything Polaris General, we have heavy-duty Polaris General radius arms in both tubular and boxed designs. Or if you plan on increasing your ground clearance to avoid scraping your undercarriage again, we have Polaris General high clearance radius arms as well.

Along with Polaris General radius arms, we also have arm shafts, arm ends, and other accessories related to your Polaris General radius arms at Everything Polaris General.

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Are you wondering why many Polaris General owners are upgrading their radius arms? Why do you even need Polaris General radius arms? Polaris General radius arms are A-Arms for the rear suspension. They keep your tires tilted to the same degree throughout the motion range of your suspension. 


Now that you know why you need Polaris General radius arms let’s get to why you need to upgrade them. The stock Polaris General radius arms aren’t the strongest or most durable. They serve the basic function of keeping your tires tilted. One wrong move when offroading and you’ll bend or break them. So if you are someone who likes to offroad in challenging terrain, you might want to upgrade your Polaris General radius arms to something stronger.


At Everything Polaris General we have Polaris General radius arms made out of heat-treated steel. These can handle thousands of pounds of pressure without bending or breaking. They are also powder coated to avoid rusting. 


Along with strength, we also offer Polaris General high-clearance radius arms. These radius arms are bent to increase your ground clearance. This extra few inches of ground clearance in the rear makes a huge difference when offroading. You never put a lot of thought into what your rear wheels go through. You navigate and point your front wheels, and the rear follows. 


At Everything Polaris General, we have Polaris General high-clearance radius arms that’ll give you an extra 3 inches of ground clearance or more. This will ensure that the rear half of your ride moves past obstacles without damage. Even if you haven’t damaged your Polaris General radius arms, consider upgrading them.