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Radius Rods and Tie Rods

Your Polaris General tie rods play a key role in your steering system. And the moment you damage it while offroading, you’ll feel the effects. When you hit your undercarriage, your Polaris General tie rods take the brunt of the impact. If offroading, you can’t avoid this, but you can get a stronger, more durable Polaris General tie rod to withstand the impact.

This is exactly what we offer. Whether you’ve already busted your stock tie rods or trying to avoid it in the future with an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris General we have heavy-duty Polaris General tie rods and Polaris General radius rods to suit your style of driving.

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It is common to scrape your Polaris General when offroading. And when you do, the Polaris General tie rods are among the first to take the impact. They sit right in front of your UTV and are prone to take a few hits now and then. If you are still running with your stock Polaris General tie rods and radius rods, don’t be surprised when they snap upon the first impact.


So, what happens when you damage your Polaris General tie rods? Your Polaris Generall tie rods connect the steering rack to the steering arm. If you lose that connection, you won’t have complete control over your rig. 


Sometimes, your Polaris General tie rods will take a subtle bend when you hit your bottom. You won’t lose steering completely, but you’ll be able to notice other symptoms. One of the more prominent symptoms is how your UTV pulls towards a side. Along with it, you’ll also notice vibrations and unusual noises. In the long run, you will also suffer from uneven tire wear. 


It’s obvious that you need to get your Polaris General tie rods replaced when they are damaged. But even if they are fine now, get your Polaris General tie rods upgraded as soon as possible. The Polaris General tie rods available in Everything Polaris General are multiple times stronger than your OEM tie rods. They’ll withstand much greater impacts without taking damage. The same is true about Polaris General radius rods. Though they aren’t as endangered as tie rods, they tend to get damaged. So, when they do, use the opportunity and upgrade them.


At Everything Polaris General, you’ll find the best Polaris General tie rods and Polaris General radius rods available in the market. We only endorse top brands like Moose, Quad Logic, SuperATV, Assault Industries and a few more