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You rarely record Polaris General exhaust trouble due to wear. Unlike most other components, rough driving conditions do not directly affect your Polaris General exhaust. But still, your Polaris General exhaust system is susceptible to physical damage, and damaged Polaris General exhausts are common. 

Usually, it is the mounting hardware, muffler, or exhaust pipes that get dinged up and damaged when offroading. Even the slightest dent in your Polaris General exhaust pipe can cause havoc in your Polaris General exhaust system. But not to worry, whatever Polaris General exhaust system component you’ve damaged, we can fix it. We have exhaust pipes, mufflers, exhaust heads, catalytic converters, and many more.

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You ride over a bump a bit too fast when offroading and hit your undercarriage. You are worried for a second but thank god, your Polaris General is still running fine. But if your Polaris General exhaust system took any sort of damage, you are not out of the woods yet.


In the coming days, you’ll start noticing symptoms of Polaris General exhaust failure. You won’t have the fuel economy that you used to have. But this is a bit hard to identify since the fuel economy of your rig depends a lot on the terrain and driving style. But a symptom that you’d be able to feel is the reduced power. When your Polaris General exhaust system can’t get rid of exhaust gasses produced by the engine, the fumes flood the engine. Resulting in a reduction in power which will be followed by the check engine line. Depending on the part of your damaged Polaris General exhaust system, you might also notice a different sound and even some weird smells. 


Many parts of your Polaris General exhaust system are exposed in the underside of your Polaris General. And even the slightest mistake when offroading can end up messing up your Polaris General exhaust system. But these sorts of accidents are inevitable if you are an avid offroader. And if you have made it through so far without a single damage, then you haven’t pushed yourself far enough.


Whatever you break, we are here to fix it. It doesn’t matter which Polaris General exhaust-related component you’ve messed up; at Everything Polaris General we have better aftermarket replacements for it.