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Roof Racks

Do you need more space to carry cargo in your UTV? Rather than filling up your cabin or piling stuff on your bed, use the vertical space above your Polaris General roof with a Polaris General roof rack. 

At Everything Polaris General, we have a variety of Polaris General roof racks for you to choose from. Apart from increasing carry capacity, our Polaris General roof racks also include features such as tie-downs, attachment points, and slots to install lighting. Whether you need to haul camping supplies, an extra tire, fuel packs, or a kayak, our Polaris General roof racks are your best option.

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The main reason to get a Polaris General roof rack is the added storage it gives. Rather than piling up all your cargo inside your cabin and on your bed, a Polaris General roof rack allows you to make use of the space outside your UTV.  In this case, the vertical space above your UTV cannot be utilized in any other way, so why not attach a roof rack and increase your carry capacity?


Whether you use your General for work or play, you can certainly benefit from having more room to carry cargo. Whether you need to carry camping gear or bales of hay, a Polaris General roof rack is the ideal accessory. You don’t have to worry about getting your interior dirty either. 


Even if you don’t go on camping trips or haul cargo for work, you can still use it. Whether it is to carry additional fuel or a spare tire, you can use your Polaris General roof rack to carry just about anything.


Polaris General roof racks not only allow you to increase your carry capacity, but they also act as a shield to your Polaris General. You never know when a branch might come down on your Polaris General when offroading or when it is parked. If you have a Polaris General roof rack attached to your rig, it’ll serve as an additional layer of protection. 


At Everything Polaris General, we have Polaris General roof racks that are light and durable so that it doesn’t eat up your payload capacity. Our Polaris General roof racks can carry upwards of 100 pounds easily. Get the best Polaris General roof racks from some of the most reputed manufacturers at Everything Polaris General