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Are you looking for shade for when you ride in the mid-day sun? Maybe you don’t want to get soaked when it rains? Whatever it is you are seeking shelter from, a Polaris General roof should satisfy your needs. 

If it's a Polaris General roof you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris General, we have roofs made explicitly for the Polaris General and will fit like a glove. We have Polaris General hard tops and Polaris General soft tops. If a plain old roof isn’t enough for you, we have Polaris General roofs fitted with speakers and lights.

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Getting a UTV roof is one of the first upgrades that UTV owners do. Every other vehicle has a roof so why shouldn’t your Polaris General have one? It offers protection from the elements throughout the year and makes riding more comfortable.


There are many types of Polaris General roofs at Everything Polaris General. Whether you use your General for casual riding, work, or extreme offroading, we can find the right type of Polaris General roof for you.


The primary function of a Polaris General roof is protection. Not only does it need to protect you from the weather, but it also needs to protect you from obstacles you might face on the trail. A good solid roof will keep its shape even during a rollover. So, if you are looking for a strong Polaris General roof to keep you protected, you should go with a Polaris General hard top. We got both plastic and aluminum Polaris General roofs. The Polaris General aluminum roof gives more of a premium look and is a bit stronger than the hard plastic top.


On the other hand, if you need a roof to keep the sun off of your bald spot or keep you dry when the rain pours, a Polaris General soft top is a good option. It's easy to install and remove which is another advantage of a Polaris General soft top.


If you need something fancier than a plain roof, we got a Polaris General roof with speakers. These are lined with speakers to give you surround sounds even in your UTV. Or if the lighting piques your interest, we have Polaris General roofs with lights as well. Browse through dozens of Polaris General roof options and choose what suits you best at Everything Polaris General.