Seats and Roll Cage

Do you need your Polaris General to be more comfortable to ride on? Rather than going for a costly suspension upgrade, why not change your Polaris General seats? With a little more cushioning on your tailbone, you can make your UTV much more comfortable to ride on.

Plus, with a Polaris General seat upgrade, your can also make your UTV safer. Regarding safety, you should also consider upgrading your Polaris General roll cage. Whether you are looking to upgrade your seat, add a couple more Polaris General cargo bed seats, or upgrade your Polaris General roll cage, Everything Polaris General is the place to be.

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Your Polaris General seats have a huge say on comfort. If you’ve ever been on a long ride on your Polaris General, you know how uncomfortable the stock seat can get. With a little more cushioning on your Polaris General seat with a seat upgrade, it will feel like riding on a cloud. 


Unlike your stock Polaris General seats, our upgraded Polaris General seat comes with lumbar support. This not only keeps your spine in a good position, but it also keeps you firmly seated. No matter how bumpy the ride gets, you don’t have to worry about being thrown out of your seat. By doing so, you’ll also be making your rides safer.


Another way to increase your rig's safety is by upgrading your Polaris General roll cage. One of the reasons why offroading is fun is because of its unpredictability. But you should also be ready for when things take a turn for the worse. Rolling over your UTV is a common occurrence when you are taking offroading to the extreme. A top-quality Polaris roll cage will keep you safe even if your side-by-side does a few flips. 


A Polaris General roll cage is absolutely necessary if you decide to add Polaris General bed seats. One of the easiest ways to increase your Polaris Generals seating capacity is by converting your bed to seat a couple more passengers. But you should also ensure they are safe by following that with a Polaris General roll cage upgrade.


At Everything Polaris General, we have all sorts of Polaris General seats and roll cage upgrades. We have Polaris General bucket seats, Polaris General rumble seats, Polaris General heated seats, and many more.