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Shocks and Springs

Are your passengers complaining about how uncomfortable your Polaris General is? It doesn’t matter how good your Polaris General looks from the outside, but if your Polaris General shock and springs are stiff or worn out, you won’t be able to get a comfortable ride out of it. 

If this is the case with your ride, you need to upgrade your Polaris General shocks. At Everything Polaris General, we have Polaris General shock upgrades from some of the top players in the industry. Or if you are looking for accessories like Polaris General shock bushings, shock spacers, or shock guards, we have them too.

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Your Polaris General shocks play a huge role in your suspension. It controls the up-and-down motion of the entire UTV. Whenever you ride through a bump or pothole, your Polaris General shocks absorb the energy dampening the effects you feel in your cockpit.


Your stock Polaris General shocks are pretty basic. They are good for driving around your farm or light work, but they are not suitable for offroading. If you are wondering why you are returning home sore and covered with bruises after a day of offroading, your Polaris General shocks are to blame. 


At Everything Polaris General, we got Polaris General shocks and springs that are the solution for all your problems. Whether you want to upgrade your shocks, stiffen them or reposition them, we got you covered.


Obviously, the main benefit of getting your Polaris General shocks or Polaris General springs is to make your ride more comfortable. It also offers you to carry more weight. This is handy if you have filled your UTV with many aftermarket accessories. Plus, their consistent compression makes it easier to control your ride and makes it safer. And if you are looking for more ground clearance, a Polaris General suspension kit can help you with that too.


If you are looking for the best Polaris General shock and Polaris General springs, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris General, we have the best Polaris General spring and shocks. They are built to last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about your springs sagging with time. We only endorse top brands like SuperATV, High Lifter, ZBroz Racing, Lone Star Racing, and others.