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Skid Plates

Are you scraping the undercarriage of your Polaris General when offroading? If you haven’t got a lift kit, with the stock Polaris General ground clearance, you’ll be hitting your undercarriage quite often. The best way to protect your undercarriage and its fragile parts is by adding a Polaris General skid plate.

You can get individual Polaris General skid plates or the entire package at Everything Polaris General. We got Polaris General aluminium skid plates that can withstand massive impacts without crumbling. Along with Polaris General skid plates, we also have Polaris General skid plate rivets, skid plate bolts and skid plate washers.

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A skid plate is basically a protective metal plate that is attached to the bottom of your rig. It reduces the damage to crucial components like tire rods, A-Arms, brake lines, exhaust system and many more exposed parts in the bottom of your UTV. Hitting your undercarriage is common when offroading, so if you use your Polaris General for offroading, it is crucial to attach a Polaris General skid plate to your rig.


Before deciding to buy a Polaris General skid plate, you should know what to look for in a Polaris General skid plate. Obviously, strength is the number one concern when it comes to a Polaris General skid plate. At Everything Polaris General, we have both Polaris General aluminium skid plates and plastic skid plates.


Both materials can protect your Polaris General. But the flexibility of the plastic means that your UTV won't snag often. But plastic skid plates trap heat, which can cause your UTV to overheat. Polaris General aluminium skid plates are often a better choice for most. They are much stronger and better at absorbing impact. And even if they get damaged, you can replace the particular part of your Polaris General aluminium skid plate rather than replacing the entire skid plate.


This is one of the first upgrades you need to get for your Polaris General if you use it for offroading. Make sure to get Polaris General skid plates with holes to allow water to drain. 


At Everything Polaris General, we got skid plates specifically built for your Polaris General. They offer a snug fit to your Polaris General, so you won't be required to do any customizations. You can choose your Polaris General skid from some of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry.