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Snorkel Kits

Do you enjoy riding your Polaris General through mud bogs, crossing rivers or driving through deep puddles? If so, you need to get yourself a Polaris Genera snorkel kit. Before taking your General for a swim, make sure the air intake and exhaust aren’t submerged by raising them with a Polaris General snorkel kit.

Whether you want to add a Polaris General snorkel kit or repair your existing Polaris General snorkel kit, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris General, we have Polaris General snorkel kit parts that you can get individually or complete Polaris General snorkel kits along with Polaris General snorkel kit installation tools needed for a DIY job.

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It’s a shame if you’ve never taken your Polaris General for a swim. A machine like that should experience every aspect of offroading. So what better way to get down and dirty with your rig than hitting a mud bog or riding through a creek? As long as you have a Polaris General snorkel kit, there are no limits to offroading.


At first glance, Polaris General snorkel kits look pretty complicated. But actually, installing a Polaris General snorkel kit ain’t as expensive or as complex, as you think. A Polaris General snorkel kit elevates your air intake and exhaust, so it won’t get submerged when even if you are neck deep in water. 


A Polaris General snorkel kit includes pipes and hoses to raise your air intake and exhaust. It’ll also include brackets and connectors to put everything together and hold it in place. Finally, it’ll also have sealants and clamps to make the entire system watertight. With the right tools for a Polaris General snorkel kit installation, you can get your kit hooked to your rig without help.


Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping your engine from being swamped, a Polaris General air intake offers another significant advantage. It increases the airflow to your engine. And by drawing air from an elevated position, the air supply is much cleaner. This can improve your engine's performance, and as a result, you’ll benefit from better fuel economy. So, you don’t necessarily have to be in a mud bog to benefit from a Polaris General snorkel kit. 


If you haven’t taken a swim in your Polaris General, you miss out on a lot. Get a Polaris General snorkel kit from Everything Polaris General and enjoy limitless offroading.