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Street Legal

Like most UTVs, your Polaris General doesn’t roll out of the factory as a street-legal rig. So you can hit offroading trails or ride around your farm, but you can not legally ride your General on public roads. This restricts what you can do with your UTV.

Making your Polaris General street legal is simple, and you’ll find everything you need at Everything Polaris General. The laws for what makes your UTV street legal change from state to state. But we have Polaris General street legal kits that satisfy the laws of most states. If you want items of the Polaris General street legal kit individually, you can do that at Everything Polaris General.

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Your Polaris General is great at conquering mud bogs and sand dunes, so driving through paved roads is a walk in the park for a Polaris General. Yet your Polaris General cannot legally drive on public roads the way it comes out of the factory. That doesn’t mean you can’t go grocery shopping in your General. All you need is Polaris General street legal kit from Everything Polaris General to get your rig ready for public roads.


Our Polaris General street legal kits include all the basics that you need to make your rig streel legal. Even if some of these might not be compulsory according to your state laws, it’ll make your rig safer to drive on public roads. Things like mirrors, horn kits, blinkers, and windshields are good to have, even if you are not required to. 


Plus, these accessories don’t require you to make any modifications to your rig. We have clamp-on mirrors that take seconds to install. We also have electronics that are already wired and ready to go; all you need to do is plug them in.


Different states have different laws when it comes to making your Polaris General street legal. In some states, you only need blinkers and mirrors to make your rig street legal. In contrast, others require you to have Polaris General street-legal tires, a DOT-approved windshield, a lighted license plate mount and many more. Due to this, getting your rig street legal is a bit complicated. Nonetheless, we still have everything you need at Everything Polaris General. Find out the laws in your state to make your Polaris General street legal and do all your shopping at Everything Polaris General and get everything you need to be shipped to your doorstep