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Switches and Wiring

Get complete control over your rig with Polaris General switches. We have Polaris General switches for you if you want to control your aftermarket lighting, stereo, windows, heaters, or any other electrical accessory. 

Whether you want individual Polaris General switches or all your switches in one place with a Polaris General switch panel, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris General, we have multiple styles of switches for you to choose from. Along with switches, we also have Polaris General wiring kits to go with them. Design your cockpit the way you want it to be with Polaris General switches and wiring.

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You rarely find a Polaris General without any aftermarket accessories attached to it. So, if you are like most Polaris General owners, your rig is covered with aftermarket Polaris General electrical accessories. Before adding aftermarket electrical accessories, you must also think of a way to control them. What better way to have complete control over your rig other than with Polaris General switches wiring? Be it a lightbar, stereo, power windows, whip lights, headlights, blinkers, horns, windshield wipers or any other electrical accessory, we have the right Polaris General switches for them. 


Obviously, the main reason to get Polaris General switches is to get control over your electronics. But at Everything Polaris General, we allow you to make your interior look stylish and sophisticated with our Polaris General switches. 


We have multiple styles of Polaris General switches for you to choose from. Whether you are into buttons, flip switches or rocker-style switches, you can get them at Everything Polaris General. Furthermore, we have Polaris General laser-etched switches and even backlit switches for better visibility at night. 


Whether you want all your Polaris General switches to be at one place or your switches to be scattered throughout your cock pit, we got you covered. With our Polaris General switch panels, you can stack all your switches together right beside you for easy use. Or, if you want your Polaris General cabin to look like an aeroplane, with the help of Polaris General wiring kits, we can hook you up with switches wherever you want. We can even line your roof with Polaris General switches.