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Carrier Bearings

Find both one-piece Polaris General 4 XP 1000 carrier bearings as well as 2-piece Polaris General 4 XP 1000 carrier bearings at the web's ultimate destination for aftermarket Polaris General parts and accessories: Everything Polaris General! Carrier bearing problems are more common than you might expect, and strange carrier bearing noises aren't even the half of it! So if your rig's carrier bearing is damaged, if it's vibrating uncontrollably, or if it's old and liable to fail at any moment, do something about it with the Polaris General 4 XP 1000 carrier bearing replacements, carrier bearing upgrades, and carrier bearing rebuild kits from Everything Polaris General!

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The bearings in your machine are important, and among them, the Polaris General 4 XP 1000 carrier bearing is particularly crucial to the performance and comfort of your side-by-side! So if you’re tired of those blender-like noises coming from your drive train, or if things feel shaky and full of vibrations, it could be time to upgrade your rig’s carrier bearing. For riders with carrier bearings that are completely shot, we here at Everything Polaris General offer aftermarket replacements from companies like SuperATV, Sandcraft, and EPI. Be it a single-piece driveshaft support bearing or a two-piece carrier bearing that is easier to install and maintain, where Polaris General 4 XP 1000 carrier bearings are concerned, we do it all at Everything Polaris General!

Some riders swap in new carrier bearings when they change out their drive shafts, while others squeeze as much life out of their carrier bearings as possible by servicing them at regular intervals. Greasable carrier bearings are better able to withstand sand, mud, water and dirt, and a good carrier bearing will also correct the angle of your driveline. Irrespective of your vehicle’s year and the type of carrier bearing you need for it, all carrier bearings of nearly every size and kind can be found right here at Everything Polaris General!