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Shocks and Springs

Whether you're looking into Polaris General 4 XP 1000 shocks for sale, or trying to find some Polaris General 4 XP 1000 spring upgrades, Everything Polaris General has the stuff for you! While you might be able to get a plusher ride, more stiffness, or more travel by adjusting your shock settings, this can only do so much. So if you've tried rebuilding your shocks, installing new shock bushings, or protecting your suspension with shock covers but to no avail, we've got you covered with all kinds of Polaris General 4 XP 1000 shock upgrades, tender springs, long travel kits and more at Everything Polaris General! 

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Improve the ride quality of your Polaris General 4 XP 1000 with the shocks, springs, and suspension rebuild kits available from Everything Polaris General! And why stop there? Protect your shocks with some Polaris General 4 XP 1000 shock guards, fine-tune your suspension for different applications by adjusting your shocks, and control the stroke of your shocks with a set of limit straps. Whether you’re in need of stiffer HD springs when hauling a full bed of firewood, pea gravel, or topsoil, or if you want some longer aftermarket shocks that’ll give your machine a few extra inches of ground clearance, it can all be yours at Everything Polaris General with nothing more than a few mouse clicks and keystrokes! Customize your side-by-side and make it ride like a Cadalic with the Polaris General 4 XP 1000 spring upgrades and shocks from Everything Polaris General!

If you’re tired of being a rough rider and want something a bit smoother than the factory FOX shocks can provide, or if you want the ability to ride over curbs at 40 MPH and barely feel it, you’ll love what we have in store for you at Everything Polaris General! You may see a slight improvement after adjusting your shocks. But after upgrading from non-reservoir shocks to aftermarket Polaris General 4 XP 1000 shocks like the ones by Bandit, Zbroz Racing, Shock Therapy or 814, you’re guaranteed to notice a considerable difference for the better! Whether you’re after stock FOX clickers or Walker 2.5 clickers that you can valve and spring as you wish; shock rebuild kits with cap upgrades, new eyelets, and fresh seal heads; or dual rate spring packages for the factory FOX shocks, you won’t be disappointed with the Polaris General 4 XP 1000 suspension products from Everything Polaris General! Achieve a level of plushness like never before and soak up the roughest ruts, whoops, and bumps with the aftermarket Polaris General 4 XP 1000 shocks and springs from Everything Polaris General!