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Street Legal

Whether you're trying to make your Polaris General 4 XP 1000 street legal in Texas, Florida, California or anywhere in between, we here at Everything Polaris General can help make it happen! With a huge assortment of street legal parts, street legal accessories, and complete street legal kits for the Polaris General 4 XP 1000, you won’t have to go anywhere else for the best products at the lowest prices. Be it mirrors, horns, turn signals or lighted license plate mounts, get the street legal stuff your state requires right here at Everything Polaris General!

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Whether you want to use your UTV to run errands around town, or to go from one trail to another without having to load and unload it, there are many advantages to be had by making your Polaris General 4 XP 1000 road legal. But before you can legally ride on public roads, you’ll first need to install the mandatory Polaris General 4 XP 1000 street legal accessories. And no matter what the regulations outline in your area, we have the street legal parts and street legal kits they call for at Everything Polaris General! At bare minimum, most jurisdictions call for a mirror, a horn, and turn signals. If a license plate is required, you’ll need a license plate mount to display it, and probably a lighted license plate bracket so that it can be seen at night. Depending on the laws, you could also be forced to install a DOT windshield with tempered safety glass and a set of DOT-approved tires before your Polaris General 4 XP 1000 is granted street legal status. But whatever the law calls for, it’s available to you from Everything Polaris General!

A single rear-view mirror might suffice, but it might not be enough. So if you also need to add side mirrors to your Polaris General 4 XP 1000 street legal setup, we’ve got you covered! And where turn signal and horn kits are concerned, we carry easy-to-install options that don’t take a rocket scientist to hook up. The General is a versatile off-road machine, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t handle its own on the blacktop. Your rig can handle roads, the only thing stopping you is the law. The good thing, though, is that it doesn’t have to, and you can make your machine perfectly compliant with the Polaris General 4 XP 1000 street legal parts, street legal kits and street legal accessories from Everything Polaris General!