8 Top UTV Products for Polaris General Spring Mud Riding Season

Mar 14th 2024

8 Top UTV Products for Polaris General Spring Mud Riding Season

Those frigid days are finally behind us, but by no means does the lack of snow and ice mean there’s no rough riding ahead. That’s right, it’s mudding season! Of course, you could be “that guy” and scoot around all the muddy spots, but what’s the fun in that? If you really want to take your Polaris General to the next level this season, then it’s all about high-quality mudding parts and accessories. has your back with the best mud tires, fender flares, and more, all in one place. Read on to see our list of the top 8 UTV parts and accessories for Polaris General mud riding season.

Muscular Mud Tires

When it comes to conquering mud-covered trails, having the right tires can make or break your adventure. That's where the Polaris General Terminator UTV/ATV Mud Tire by SuperATV comes in. With its aggressive tread design and 6-ply construction, these tires are built to handle the toughest terrain. Available in various sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for your Polaris General and tackle any mud obstacle with ease.

                                     An image of the Polaris General Terminator Mud Tire, uninstalled and by itself, against a blank background

Fender Flares for the Win

Protect yourself and your passengers from flying debris with the Polaris General 1000 Fender Flares with Mud Guards by Spike Powersports. These durable fender flares are CNC-cut from HMW polyethylene and designed to deflect mud, rocks, and other trail hazards away from your vehicle. Easy to install and built to last, they're a must-have accessory for any serious mud rider.

A Powerful Winch

You can get stuck in the mud and laugh, or get stuck in the mud and cry - the winch makes the difference (trust us). Rest assured, the Polaris General 5000 lb Assault Series Winch by KFI is up to the task if you need to get yourself (or another rider) out of a jam. With its synthetic cable and 1.22hp motor, this winch delivers over 5000 pounds of pulling force to get you out of even the stickiest situations. Plus, its waterproof seals and cable hook stopper ensure durability and safety on the trail.

Serious Snorkel Kits

Equip your Polaris General for some serious sloshing with the Polaris General 1000/XP 1000 2" Snorkel kit by SYA Warrior Riser. This snorkel kit comes with patented Warrior Risers and removable Warrior Wear Pre Filter Tips to keep water out of your engine and other vital components. With easy installation and a sleek design, it's the perfect accessory for any mud enthusiast.

Some Lift Is Always Nice

Gain extra ground clearance and tackle bigger obstacles with the Polaris General 1000 3" Lift Kit by SuperATV. Made from powder-coated steel brackets, this lift kit is built to withstand the toughest trails and deepest mud pits. With easy bolt-on installation and a lifetime warranty, it's a no-brainer for anyone looking to take their Polaris General to the next level.

                                        A front-facing image of a Polaris General, lifted 3" using the Polaris General 1000 3" Lift Kit by SuperATV, with a driver inside, all against a blank background.

Don't Sleep On the Drive Belt

Especially if you’ve made other upgrades in the performance department, it’s vital not to forget the drive belt. We recommend the Polaris General XP Heavy Duty Carbon Drive Belt by Kemimoto. Made from high-quality materials, this drive belt offers superior heat resistance and stretch resistance for long-lasting durability. Plus, its precise tooth pitch design ensures uniform wear and maximum power transfer on the trail.

Tough Axles

Shore up your Polaris General against even the most hazardous and unpredictable terrain, mud or otherwise, with Polaris General Axles | Rhino Axles by SuperATV. Made from industry-leading 4340 Chromoly, these axles are designed for unmatched longevity and durability. With high articulation angles and precision engineering, they'll keep you moving forward on even the toughest trails.

Friends and Family

Finally, don't forget to bring along your friends and family for the ultimate mudding experience. After all, what's better than making memories together in the great outdoors? So grab your crew, gear up your Polaris General, and get ready for an adventure you'll never forget.

With these top UTV products from, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the spring mud riding season with confidence. So don't wait, gear up your Polaris General today and get ready to make some muddy memories!