Introducing the New Polaris General Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Polaris General Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

If snow is a significant part of your wintertime routine, there’s absolutely no reason nowadays to settle for flimsy plows (or even worse, the dreaded hand shovel). To empower you with snow-clearing capabilities, Bercomac has rolled out a full lineup of Polaris General Snowblowers. These industry-leading time savers are absolutely loaded with features, and there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs. First things first, let’s talk power.

Power, Precision, and Poise

Aside from the fact that these Polaris General Snowblowers by Bercomac can accommodate motors ranging from 13 to 23 Hp (also available with 15/22 Hp motors pre-installed, by the way), the central motor location is key in optimizing power, balance, and efficiency. If you’re running a 2-cylinder Honda motor with a horsepower of 20 or greater, we recommend using an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer to maximize compatibility. Whichever kit you choose, you’ll have more than enough power in just the right place to efficiently clear even hard-packed drifts.

                           A side-angle shot of a Polaris General Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV and in use on snowy terrain

Easy Installation and Control

One of our favorite features of the Polaris General 54" Snowblower by Bercomac, along with the other sizes (more on that below), is its quick hook-on and off capability, taking just under 4 minutes to install and remove! This allows you to effortlessly switch between snow removal and recreational riding, maximizing the use of your Polaris General ATV. The sub frame attaches to the rear of your ATV on the hitch ball, transferring weight to the suspension for enhanced maneuverability.

Offering the perfect complement to the convenience of this super-easy installation and removal process is the electrical control box, allowing you to adjust the chute, engage the clutch, and control the engine, all from the comfort of your seat. And the clutch is electric, allowing the snowblower to engage instantaneously, meaning less wait time for you.

Built for Any Job

Sporting a hulking 54" wide opening and a 21" high blower, the Polaris General 54" Snowblower by Bercomac tackles tough snowbanks with ease. The extendible frame, adjustable from 73" to 112", adds flexibility, making it suitable for various ATV models. The Polaris General 54" Snowblower also features large, robust wheels, ensuring superior adaptability to any terrain. Whether navigating through deep snow or tackling uneven landscapes, this snowblower is up to the task.

Versatility in Sizes and Options

Bercomac appreciates the fact that one size in fact does not fit all, which is why they offer various sizes and motor options within this lineup of snowblowers to suit your specific needs. Choose from the 48" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a 15HP motor, 54" with a powerful 22HP motor, 66" with a 22HP motor, or go big with the 72" option, also powered by a robust 22HP motor.

                                            A front-oblique picture of a Polaris General Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on an ATV and parked on icy terrain.

Safety and Durability

Crafty engineering aside, Bercomac never lost sight of safety as a major priority with the Polaris General Snowblower. For example, the 3 shear bolt safety system offers complete peace of mind during use. The BX 55 belt powering the single-belt system also extends the lifespan of this snowblower/plow combination dramatically, so you can spend less time tinkering and more time putting in the work.

A Wintertime Must-Have

Perhaps we’re overshooting it if we promise to return the magic of childhood snowdays to you (how glorious indeed), but at the very least, these snowblowers by Bercomac will make wintertime much less of a hassle. Regardless of your property size and your riding conditions, the wide range of sizes and motor options makes this our top UTV snowblower selection. Check out the Polaris General Snowblower by Bercomac and win your winters back!