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Buyers Guide: What to look for when buying a Polaris General Windshield

Oct 19th 2022

Buyers Guide: What to look for when buying a Polaris General Windshield

I get it; having no windshield has its charm.

Nothing in the world can beat the fresh breeze stroking your face when you are wheelin that Polaris General without a windshield.

There's nothing on God's Earth that feels that surreal.

An absolutely fantastical sensation!

But like pretty much everything else in life, not having a windshield has its downsides.

Sometimes when you are crushing down the trails, that soothing breeze can quickly turn into flying mud off the tires of your Polaris General, smacking you like pie in the face.

Plus, sometimes you can find all the endangered species of insects stuck in your hair when bushwhacking with Polaris Generals.

These are pretty severe reasons to have a windshield, you know..

Sure, there are other measly ones like protection from severe weather and safety from flipping rocks that can thump your head.

So, let's discuss different features and different benefits because there are tons of choices to make when buying a new windshield for your Polaris General 1000 or General XP 1000

1. Do You Want a Half Windshield, a Full one, or a Tip-Out Windshield for Your Polaris General 1000 or General XP 1000

While it is a great question to start with but it's also a kind of loaded one too, as it really depends on several things:

1. Time of the year you ride your SXS, and the expected weather conditions

2. The type of terrain you are gonna use it for (Bushy, dusty or snowy).

3. What kind of budget do you have in mind?

Full Windshields are an obvious choice if you use your UTV in the cold time of the year and want to cozy up your cab a little.

While half windshield blocks wind off most parts of your body, that breeze can still brush the top of your head, which can be pretty irritating when riding in dusty terrain or freezing temperatures. 

Polaris General Half Windshield

Also, with half windshields, tall heighted drivers have a common complaint about a kind of a convexed view of trying to see what's in front through the windshield and no windshield. At high speeds, this can become a big problem.

Tip-out (folding) Windshields for a Polaris can be termed the better of the two worlds,

Tip-out Windshield for Polaris General 1000

One downside and a common complaint with windshields that tip-out is the noise of clunks and vibration from hinges that hold it.

Browse for A-Grade Quality Windshields for Polaris General Here:

2. Acrylic Windshield vs. Polycarbonate Windshield for Polaris General

While choosing windshields, this one shouldn't take an awful lot of time, even if you are not a glass genius.

If you are looking for a sturdy windshield that won't break easily, a polycarbonate windshield should be your choice.

I mean, polycarbonate is the stuff used to make those transparent 'Riot Shields' for riot police; guess how much protection would they offer as a windshield?

Make sure you order the one that has polycarbonate coating on both sides for that extra stiffness.

Two-Sided Hard-coated Polycarbonate Windshield for Polaris General:

But if you are not whole lotta concerned by the sturdiness and longevity, acrylic windshields can be a relatively lower-cost alternative.

These do have the additional benefit of being crystal clear and providing better driving vision than a polycarbonate windshield.

3. Polaris General 1000/XP 1000 Windshields With Vents or Ventless?

Windshields with vents are always the smartest idea. In my opinion, regardless of your region's weather conditions, you will need them.

If you live in a region in the news for record-breaking heat, you should probably choose one with vents to allow more air flow in, on some of those hot days.

Polaris General XP 1000 Vented Windshield

But, as these also help with defogging and defrosting your Polaris General windshield, it's always a good idea to have windshields equipped with vents in cold and low-temperature places too.

Also, make sure to order one that comes with a vent filter to help block all that dust from coming in.

Here's a Vented Polycarbonate Windshield:

4. Easy Installation and Fitment Windshield Polaris General 1000/XP 1000

Some people are not big fans of UTV DIYs and hardware, so they don't always want to jump in their 'mechanic boiler suit' and spend hours doing installations and maintenance alone.

If you are one of these people who don't like to call yourself 'Jeremy Clarkson of UTVs'

Then, it wouldn't be a bad idea to opt for a Polaris General Windshield that comes with easy installation, not the one requiring extra cuttings and drills.

Try to look for windshields with velcro clamps for easy mounting and unmounting.

Polaris General 1000 Easy Mount Windshield with Velcro Clamps

These windshields come off in seconds without any need to conduct long installation work.

5. UV Protected Windshield for Polaris General 1000/XP 1000

If you've decided to buy a polycarbonate windshield, this one is especially for you.

Have you ever noticed the headlights of cars turned dull and yellow?

Well, that results from UV damage to a polycarbonate-made headlight cover.

Polycarbonates not treated with a UV protection layer are not weather resistant and will abrase quickly to turn yellow and dull with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This can reduce the clarity and degrade driver vision many folds.

Looking for a Windshield cleaner? Here's one of our best sellers:

That's why be sure carefully read the product description and opt for the one that is UV treated when buying a polycarbonate windshield for your Polaris general 1000/XP 1000