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Polaris General UTV Tires: An In-Depth Analysis

Oct 19th 2022

Polaris General UTV Tires: An In-Depth Analysis

Tires for UTVs are what Ropes for Rock Climbers are.

You need them to be super reliable. You need them to have excellent grip. Or maybe a blend of both.

Polaris General 1000 or General XP 1000 are easily the most versatile and all-purpose off-road machines.

One of these can be your workhorse while working on your property.

Or very well be your big boy toy when you need some thrill in your life.

The roles Polaris General can come in handy in are many; that's why narrowing it down to find the best tire is a difficult task to take on.

You have to consider many things, like sizing, the tread compound, and the tread design.

Should you buy something that works well on the muddy surface of the farm?

Or maybe have tires that can perform well when cruising on hard trials?

Well, let's discuss your needs, options, and the best products to help you purchase.

Mud Tires for Polaris Generals 1000/General XP 1000

Who doesn't love mud bogging and playing in the dirt with super machines like Polaris General 1000 or General XP 1000?

If you do this frequently, you would definitely want a beefy tire with deep treads for all your sticky situations.

Mud tires for Polaris General 1000 and General XP 1000

Mud tires are designed with aggressive tread patterns that help you push your Polaris and give you a grip on muddy and wet surfaces.

Tires with deep and wide open tread designs don't let the mud get caked in between the rubber treads and have nice good voids to help the mud slung out easily, so the tires self-clean themselves.

Mud tires are often made from hard compounds with rubber durometer ratings starting from 65 to 80

These soft compounds and specially designed treads bite the surface with every rotation and help you roll through the mud easily.

Mud tires usually are directional, which means they are designed to come down to dig and push the mud out the sides.

Rock Crawling Tires For Polaris Generals 1000/XP 1000

If you are a dude who wants to go bananas and test Polaris to its very extremes with rock crawling;

You need tons of traction!

Polaris General Rock Terrain tire with 10 ply

Rocky terrain or hard surface tires are designed to have maximum contact with the surface. These have tread lines way closer together than a regular mud tire with wide and spaced-out tread designs.

Generally, softer compounds with lower durometer ratings are used to produce hard surface tires to give you a better grip and hook up easily on hard-pack terrain.

These hard surface tires typically come in sidewall patterns, giving you that extra traction and grip when you are pressed up against a rock and providing better protection to your tires.

We wouldn't recommend using a Hard/Rocky surface tire in mud as the tread patterns are so close mud can get stuck in and not clean by itself, changing into a smooth F1 car tire with essentially no treads.

Pro Tip: Get a wider tire than a rim; it gives you a bit of extra overhang to protect and preserve your rim in rocky terrain (This can sometimes cause performance issues).

Sand Tires For Polaris Generals 1000/XP 1000

Have you ever been on those water tricycles with big paddling wheels?

Sand tires are kind of the same thing.

 Sand tires for Polaris General 1000 and General XP 1000

No, I don't mean you will have to paddle your Polaris now…

But you will notice the design follows the same physics. Sand tires are the most lightweight tires, designed with minimum treads.

The treads are mostly very spaced out, shaped like a paddle to slide into the sand and scoop it back to give you the pushing drive.

Usually made with softer compounds, these have a low durometer rating.

While it's certain that with sand tires, you will have to give up on cool-looking tread patterns, but with that extra push they provide on sandy terrain, it's a good bargain.

Stock Tires of Polaris General 1000/ General XP 1000

Let's look at the factory tires that come with Polaris Generals.

Polaris General 1000 and General XP 1000 2023 

Crawler XGF by Pro Armor

Crawler XGF All-terrain Tire for Polaris General and General XP 1000

These tires have tons of longevity on them with a heavy solid ply.

The tread pattern is not very spaced out, allowing traction on rugged trails but cannot have excellent results on a muddy surface. But, the extra sidewall pattern will allow for more traction and grip in deep mud.

Also, the tighter tread pattern keeps the noise down on hard surfaces so you can stroll peacefully.

Buy This Tried & True Tire Here: