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​Top 40 Off-Road Riding Songs For Polaris General Owners

Mar 20th 2023

​Top 40 Off-Road Riding Songs For Polaris General Owners

If you use your Polaris General for hunting and fishing, you’ll likely want to remain as quiet as possible when riding. But if you use your Polaris General for work and recreation, you might want to listen to music while you ride. Some Polaris General owners mount subwoofers in their beds for unmatched bass, while others take the easier route and install overhead sound bars. Whatever your Polaris General sound system looks like, though, you're going to need some good tunes to make it worthwhile. Like most people, you undoubtedly have some go-to songs for cruising, trail riding, and mudding -- and perhaps a few tracks to play when camping or resting on the side of the trail. But if your existing off-road playlist has become stale, repetitive, and overplayed, we’ve got a couple dozen fresh hits that you can dial in and crank up! Don’t get bored with your music selection and add the following songs to your riding playlist!

Best UTV Riding Songs For Wide-Open Cruising

Although the great wide open is nice to appreciate in silence, it can also be enjoyed with an equally free and unfettered playlist! Whether you’re up in Big Sky country with unrestricted views for miles on end, or entering the sandman at Coos Bay, Glamis, or the Little Sahara, the following tracks are best enjoyed out in the open and at a cruising speed of 40 MPH or above!

  1. Born Free by Kid Rock
  2. Midnight Riders by Allman Brothers
  3. Sitting On Top Of The World by Doc Watson
  4. Friend Of The Devil by Grateful Dead
  5. Nebraska by Moe.
  6. Panama by Van Halen
  7. Heavy Metal by Sammy Haggar
  8. All Your’n by Tyler Childers
  9. Stricken by Disturbed
  10. Bartender by Rehab and Hank Williams Jr

Best UTV Riding Songs For Mud Slinging

While wide-open riding in a Polaris General calls for songs that will lift your spirit up and keep your head in the clouds, mud riding is best done with songs that keep you grounded and locked in to the nitty-gritty task at hand. Be it an occasional mud pit that is deep and dirty, or a consistently-thin layer of mud that stretches on for meters or even miles, here are the best UTV riding songs to dial in when you’re playing in the mud!

  1. Lollipop by Lil Wayne
  2. Hate Goes On by Jelly Roll
  3. Ridin High by Jawga Boyz
  4. Kickin Up Mud by The Lacs
  5. Brain Stew by Green Day
  6. Little Sister by Queens Of The Stone Age
  7. Big News by Clutch
  8. Right Now by SR-71
  9. Along Came Mary by Bloodhound Gang
  10. Flesh Into Gear by CKY

Best Songs To Play When You’re Riding Deep In The Sticks

There’s a feeling that comes over you when you’re far from civilization. You know deep down that if something goes wrong, you’re a long way from help. But there’s also a sense of freedom and independence that you get when you’re way out in the boondocks. There are no people around to hear you, so you may as well jack up the volume and play the following songs with gusto when you’re deep in the sticks!

  1. Country Boy by Aaron Lewis
  2. Heartache On The Dance Floor by Jon Pardi
  3. We The People by Colt Ford
  4. Loud and Heavy by Cody Jinks
  5. The Weekend by Brantley Gilbert
  6. Blame It On Waylon by Josh Thompson
  7. Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks & Dunn
  8. Ballad Of A Southern Man by Whiskey Myers
  9. This Place Called USA by Creed Fisher
  10. Redneck Side Of Mine by Jamey Johnson

Songs To Bump At The Campsite Or Post-Ride Party

When you’re not behind the wheel and free to get a little crazy with the adult libations, your disposition and musical preferences are sure to change. You might feel a little lovey dovey when you’re posted up at camp for the night, or you might become somewhat ornery at the post-ride party. But when you’re feeling light, getting loose, and sippin’ on hooch, keep the good times rolling with the following party beats!

  1. Pony by Giuwine
  2. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X
  3. Rockstar by Post Malone Feat. 21 Savage
  4. Field Party by The Lacs and JJ Lawhorn
  5. DJ Turn It Up by Yellow Claw
  6. Werk by CDI
  7. Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon
  8. You’ll Never Find Me by Korn
  9. Bitch Came Back by Theory of a Deadman
  10. Cherry Pie by Warrant

We know that this is an eclectic collection of songs, and it’s highly probable that you won’t love them all. But if a single one got through to you, then we’ve achieved what we set out to do. So twist up that dial on your all-weather Bluetooth media controller by MTX Audio, use the long range RF wireless remote for your Ecoxgear soundbar to skip to the next track, and set the right mood with the perfect song for any occasion!